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I'm Taylor.

As an engineer, my mindset has always been that if I can build it, I'll build it, and if I can't, then I'll learn how as quickly as possible. Understanding the mechanical world, I believe, is extremely powerful. The ability to understand mechanical systems provides a great framework for me to view and asses the physical world around me. My interests have lied mostly in prototyping, mechanical design, and electro-mechanical systems. I have a strong passion for taking new ideas and turning them into something tangible.

Aside from studying Mechanical Engineering, on campus I'm a tourguide, orientation counselor, and just generally am a person who cares a lot about the communities of which I'm a part. I love improv comedy and am a part of The No Parking Players (Carnegie Mellon's most awesome Improv troupe), am an avid hiker and backpacker, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and occasionally a triathlete.

This website is meant to serve as a portfolio for the projects I've done. To make it a little more fun, the wrench that you see as the cursor on this site actualy exists, scaled way up, as a physical tool I made here.