Carnegie Mellon University’s Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge is on the one hand, a bridge, but on the other hand, a 2x30 array of programmable LED strips.

In “Interaction and Expression Using the Pausch Bridge Lighting,” a course taught by Cindy Limauro, a globally known professor in the College of Fine Arts, and Evan Shimizu, a PhD student in the School of Computer Science. We used the President Subra Suresh’s heart beat to inform a show on the Bridge

While Dr. Suresh was in New York City, we used biometric data pulled from the Fitbit he was wearing, and used the Fitbit API, Python, and a library designed for the bridge to illuminate the flashing color changing lights in a way that matched his heart rate.

The video has over 59k views, and has the most views of any video of all time on Carnegie Mellon's Facebook page.

cover image sourced from wikipedia